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Desert Solar Homes provides initial site evaluations and preliminary design drawing solutions to completed turnkey construction for your custom housing needs. We consider each client on a case by case scenario and develop the best solution to fit your needs. Below are just some of the features a Desert Solar Home has to offer.

Exterior Wall Options
Solid grouted 8 or 12 CMU (Cement Masonry Units Concrete Block) with exterior
R-Board under stucco. Interior areas of the above system receive finished plaster directly onto masonry for maximum heating and cooling transfer.

Rammed Earth

24 wide site engineered soil cement wall system with exterior R-Board under stucco and finished interior plaster on masonry

More Options
Grid Tie or Off Grid
Wet scored and grouted color stained concrete
Sawn wood ceilings
Masonry or gas log fireplaces
6 20 tile or concrete window sills and seats
Custom clay and gypsum plaster

Radiant floor heating
Solar Hot Water and Photovoltaic Electric Systems 
Sunpower Authorized Dealer


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